Biostat Zoological Services

BIOSTAT Pty Ltd has been providing zoological services to the resource and development industries since its beginnings as a small consultancy in Perth in 1989

Our Services


We offer pre-planning risk assessments; to site investigations; to the development and implementation of terrestrial vertebrate fauna surveys and monitoring programs.


We can undertake any level of project from the smallest site inspection, to multi-team trapping programs in most areas of Western Australia.


We advise on the best level of assessment required to ensure that the best possible data is collected that will fulfil the present and future needs of clients and regulators.

Our Values

We deliver an ecologically sound outcome for each project that will ensure the sustainability of the environment, the community and the project.

BIOSTAT Pty Ltd believes in upholding the highest ethical standards in its business processes. We are committed to providing robust professional advice to all parties.

We are committed to the application of rigorous scientific methods in its project works.
We impress the need for knowledge, experience and sound practices to ensure that we do the work correctly from the outset.
We rely on the wealth of knowledge and experience that held by the members of each team selected for each project.

Let’s work together

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