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Vision Statement

BIOSTAT Pty Ltd is committed to the application of rigorous scientific methods in its project works. We impress the need for knowledge, experience and sound practices to ensure that we do the work correctly from the outset. We rely on the wealth of knowledge and experience that held by the members of each team selected for each project.

BIOSTAT Pty Ltd is committed to an ecologically sound outcome for each project that will ensure the sustainability of the environment, the community and the project.

BIOSTAT Pty Ltd believes in upholding the highest ethical standards in its business processes. We are committed to providing robust professional advice to all parties.

Zoological Services


Terrestrial Verterbrate
Fauna Surveys

Dasyurus geoffroii 10

Targeted Threatened
Fauna Species Survey

Desktop Assessments (Risks and Constraints)

Fauna Monitoring Program Design And Implementation

We offer our services throughout Western Australia

  • We specialise in terrestrial vertebrate fauna studies.
  • Have extensive experience in most of bioregions found in Western Australia.
  • We deliver robust assessment because we focus on doing things right the first time.
  • Service both the private and public sectors.